OakLeaf Medical Network Healthy Viewpoints, Winter 2003
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Shhh! Healing in Process...

A 2005 study conducted by Johns Hopkins University reinforces what we've known all along... Noise isn't good for what ails us. The study concurred with others that have been conducted in medical facilities around the world-- technology and energy have added to the noise levels in our hospitals. Unfortunately, when the humming, buzzing, beeping and human voices rise in volume, so does the resulting distraction, stress, anxiety and restlessness levels of the patient. When patients can rest and sleep peacefully, they heal more rapidly and are subject to less complications.

OakLeaf Surgical Hospital (OLSH) was designed with features that result in low noise levels throughout the hospital, including carpeted public and patient areas and sound softening materials. With a focus on patient satisfaction and comfort, policies were implemented that reinforce quiet. In 1960 the average decibel level in hospitals was 57. The current average in health care facilities across the country has risen to 72 decibels. In spring 2006, OLSH measured its average daytime decibels in patient rooms at 60, significantly below the national average. To gain the reputation of a quiet and restful place takes commitment. OLSH is aware that quiet can speed a recovery.

One of the side benefits of lower noise levels and limited sudden noises or irritations is available to OLSH staff. Studies have found that peaceful, non-distracting work surroundings provide a positive environment for clear thinking, concentration and reduced stress for the people who work there.

OakLeaf Surgical Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility providing exceptional elective day surgery as well as surgical services that require a longer hospital stay.

For more information about the OakLeaf Surgical Hospital contact 800-835-6197 or visit www.oakleafmedical.com.