OakLeaf Medical Network Healthy Viewpoints, Winter 2003
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Dale Larson, Hospital Administrator

A Restful Recovery

Dale Larson, Hospital Administrator
OakLeaf Surgical Hospital, Eau Claire

Often patients who have been hospitalized will comment that they couldn’t wait to go home so they could “get some rest”. In most hospitals, the distractions of equipment rattling in hallways, loud conversations by hospital personnel and visitors, dietary and lab interruptions, and loud speakers paging various departments can keep a patient from getting what is needed most when recovering from surgery…rest.

At OakLeaf Surgical Hospital the approach is very different. Patient care is customized to the patients needs and peace and quiet are a priority. OakLeaf Surgical Hospital is
a privately operated hospital specifically designed for the needs of patients having surgery. All staff are focused on the patient and a successful recovery. An essential part of a patient’s recovery is their ability to rest and regain their strength. OakLeaf Surgical Hospital’s environment has been designed specifically for quiet. Draperies, wallcoverings and carpeted patient rooms and hallways help to buffer sound. Patient room corridors are separated from access to surgical areas to keep hallways quiet. Areas for waiting, public restrooms, and dining facilities are separated from patient room corridors to assure patient privacy and eliminate interruptions.

Patient services are delivered bedside and patients determine when they would like their meals and care services. OakLeaf’s commitment to patient comfort and satisfaction is reflected in the positive comments and thank yous voiced as patients are discharged.

For more information about the OakLeaf Surgical Hospital and OakLeaf member physicians and clinics contact » 800.800.9391 or visit our website www.oakleafmedical.com/hospital