OakLeaf Medical Network Healthy Viewpoints, Winter 2003
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By Joseph Rucker, MD, FACS

Computer guided scanner allows for fast even distribution of the laser beam in a pattern set for maximum safety, efficiency and effectiveness.

Laser treatment removes unwanted
hair – painlessly

By Joseph Rucker, MD, FACS, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Plastic Surgery Clinic of Eau Claire

Unwanted hair can be embarrassing, time consuming to conceal or remove and affect oneีs self-confidence. For countless years, men and women have shaved, plucked, bleached and waxed unwanted body and facial hair in an effort to be more attractive. Now, new laser technology allows a fast, easy method of removing unsightly and unwanted hair. The Profile Laser allows your physician to selectively target the hair follicle with infrared energy. Using this process allows the clinician to treat many hairs at once, making treatment of large areas practical. The Profile uses a computer-guided scanning system that automates the treatment and sets parameters appropriate for your skin to ensure a safe, fast, effective and gentle treatment.

The laser process can be used successfully for many skin types. However, it is important to tell the physician that tanned skin is to be treated so that appropriate adjustments can be made.

How does it work?

Laser energy targets the hair follicles and blood supply without causing damage to the surrounding tissue.

Short term expectations.

The Profile system is pain free. There are three phases of hair growth. To be effective, 5 applications, scheduled 6 weeks apart, may be required as the hair must be treated during its active growth phase. Some redness and slight swelling may occur after treatment, but should disappear within a few hours.

Long term expectations.

Patients can anticipate 50-80%
in hair reduction after a series of 5 treatments. Some patients may require occasional return visits for ongoing maintenance of treated areas.

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