OakLeaf Medical Network Healthy Viewpoints, Winter 2003
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The “Art” of Healing

Having surgery can be stressful. Anticipation and being away from familiar surroundings may cause anxiety. OakLeaf Surgical Hospital understands this normal part of the surgical experience and has created a warm and friendly environment to help reduce the stress a patient and their companions might be feeling.

OakLeaf’s display of artwork, created by talented regional artists, lines the public spaces and hallways of the hospital offerring a comfortable diversion. Art is recognized for its healing and life-enhancing abilities. Provided through the generous donations of OakLeaf Medical Network physicians, the art stimulates one's curiosity and transports the viewer to another place. Brilliant colors draw one into the intricate patterns of a single blossom, swirling rapids are but a blur as water rushes by in a natural landscape; both captured on film by Dr. Robert Hume. Peaceful fields and the order of nature are depicted in pastel drawings by Alan Servoss. Additional artwork by local artists — Cynthia Anderson, Charlie Campbell, Janet Carson, Almira Downs, Mark Horton, Dr. Steve Immerman, David Knowlton, Mary O'Carroll and Lauralee Stenzel, provide quiet moments of pleasure for the observer.

For more information on the hospital, www.oakleafmedical.com/hospital or call 715.831.8130.