OakLeaf Medical Network Healthy Viewpoints, Winter 2003
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Good Food for a Successful Recovery

OakLeaf Surgical Hospital

“Can I get you something to eat?” If you’ve just come out of surgery, you may not have much of an appetite and the thought of institutional food doesn’t have much appeal. However, patients at the OakLeaf Surgical Hospital don’t have to face a limited menu of steam table food served at a specific time, whether you’re ready to eat, or not. The OakLeaf Surgical Hospital takes pride in its menu selection and appetizing food. The Chef wants your dining experience to be satisfying and will be available to serve you a fresh, made to order meal of your choice… when you request it.

Chef Andy DeRaad has created a menu that reflects the varied tastes of patients and their families. He knows that food is more than the nutritional component necessary for surgical recovery and that resuming normal eating habits and regaining one’s appetite is important. A flavorful meal can contribute to the well being of the patient and a smoother recovery. The comfort of friends and family is also part of the overall surgical experience as they wait for the surgery to be completed and come to visit the patient. Complimentary coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are always available. The spontaneous appearance of warm from the oven cookies can break up the time spent waiting.

When a patient or guest orders from the menu, then and only then does the kitchen prepare a meal that is fresh, tasty and hot. Menu selections range from a comforting hearty bowl of soup to a complete dinner of broiled salmon, savory wild rice, crisp green salad and mouth watering dessert and for a lighter appetite, assorted sandwiches and salads.

Visiting friends and family are welcome to order from the menu and join the patient for a meal in their room. Or, if the patient needs to rest, visitors can take a short walk down the hall to the Bistro Café. In relaxing surroundings complete with aquarium, desk, telephone, and large plasma screen TV, guests may enjoy a meal or tasty snack. Freshly brewed coffee, juices, fruit, and baked goods allow a pleasant break any time of day.

OakLeaf Surgical Hospital is a different type of hospital-- a privately operated surgical hospital, specifically designed for the comfort and needs of patients having surgery. Most elective surgical procedures do not require the traditional institutional hospital setting. When you and your doctor choose to have your surgery at the OakLeaf Surgical Hospital, all efforts will be focused on you and a successful outcome for your surgery.

Over 45 area surgeons, in 17 different specialties, perform surgery at OakLeaf Surgical Hospital. State-of-the-art surgical suites, equipment and the highest quality staff assure you of the best possible surgical experience.

For more information about the OakLeaf Surgical Hospital and OakLeaf member physicians and clinics contact: 800.800.9391 or visit our website www.oakleafmedical.com.