OakLeaf Medical Network Healthy Viewpoints, Winter 2003
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Dale Larson

OakLeaf Surgical Hospital:
Where Your Surgery is the Only Priority

Dale Larson, Hospital Administrator

The OakLeaf Surgical Hospital, located adjacent to the Oakwood Mall, Eau Claire, is a new and different type of hospital-- a privately operated surgical hospital, specifically designed for the comfort and needs of patients having surgery. Elective surgery does not require the traditional institutional hospital setting. When you and your doctor choose to have your surgery at the OakLeaf Surgical Hospital, all efforts will be focused on you and a successful outcome for your surgery.

Over 45 area surgeons, in 15 different specialties, perform surgery at OakLeaf Surgical Hospital (OLSH). Patients at OLSH are only there for surgery; therefore the risk of infection and other related complications are greatly reduced. State-of-the-art surgical suites, equipment and the highest quality staff assure you of the best possible surgical experience.

Because the OakLeaf Surgical Hospital serves only surgical patients, every department, medical professional and staff person is focused on your needs as a surgical patient. You, your family and friends will be treated with friendliness and care in a warm and relaxed øhome likeÓ setting. Patient rooms and common areas are decorated with your comfort and well being in mind, like a fine hotel, not an institution. Experts in pain control, anesthesia and bedside physical therapy, work together to take care of you€right down to the ømade to orderÓ room service style delicious meals.

OakLeaf Surgical Hospital is the first øall surgicalÓ hospital in the region with the entire staff trained in the operations and complexities of surgery. Your safety, surgical outcome, and positive experiences are the most important factors in their work. If surgery is a possibility in your future, ask your doctor about the OakLeaf Surgical Hospital.

For more information on the hospital, insurance providers, or the OakLeaf Medical Network, visit our website at www.oakleafmedical.com, or call ³ 715.831.8130