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Introducing OakLeaf Clinics, S.C.


Chris Longbella, MD
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Bringing the best of the old in to something new!

OakLeaf Medical Network (OLMN) was founded in 1994 by a local group of physicians committed to preserving the unique values of physician owned and physician directed medical practice. This was happening partially in response to the merger and acquisition activity of the Mayo Clinic and Marshfield Clinic systems as they entered and expanded in the Chippewa Valley healthcare marketplace.

The structure of the OakLeaf Medical Network is best described as a “clinic without walls”. This structure was originally designed to allow the many medical practices of the Network to collaborate in developing a health care system that best serves their patients based on a shared set of values and activities. In recent years changes in the healthcare regulatory environment and laws have greatly weakened the ability of the OakLeaf Medical Network structure to be of benefit and support to the participating practices. As a result, the OakLeaf Medical Network and Board have been very active in exploring alternative models of medical practice integration that may be better able to support and grow the Network’s system of care, while preserving the values that have made the smaller physician owned and physician directed practices unique and valuable to the communities and patients they serve.

Several of the OLMN Eau Claire based primary care practices recently came together in a new practice model and are now collectively called “OakLeaf Clinics”. OakLeaf Clinics includes over 25 plus physicians and advanced practice clinicians, as well as more than 100 employees. The existing clinic groups included in this new group are Eau Claire Medical, OakLeaf Pediatrics, Obstetric and Gynecologic Care, and Southside Medical and OB/GYN. This entity began operating as a group in March of 2015.

By increasing the size of our group that now operates as a single entity, we are able to better leverage our size in a business climate that favors being big! This applies to purchasing of many goods and services; contracting/participation with health plans; planning for and supporting growth in our practices; and collaborating to provide an even better service to our patients.

Our new OakLeaf Clinics entity is using a shared electronic health record that includes a patient portal that allows for patient online access to their health information. We are growing our shared service offerings for lab and radiology. And most importantly, we are working hard to maintain the values that make our practices special and unique: Personal and Personable; Continuity of Care: Quality Outcomes and Experience for Patients; and Efficient Operations and Decision Making.

We look forward to continuing to serve you and your family and hope you will help us spread the word about our personal commitment to you and your health!

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing our patients with compassion, trust and a life-time of individualized care.

Vision Statement

OakLeaf Clinics will be the leader in providing superior, personalized healthcare in collaboration with the communities we serve.


Patient First: Our first priority is our patient’s needs.
Respect: Giving due respect to self and others while maintaining the environment of humility, dignity, and growth.
Teamwork: Demonstrating collegiality, trust, honesty, accountability, responsibility, and integrity.
Joy: Having a positive attitude and celebrating successes in our journey together.
Innovation: Be open to change and encouraging new ideas.
Continuity of Care: Protecting and guiding our patients through the transitions of care.



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